Thursday, March 22, 2007

17.12 On Time
The people from BottomOfTheBarrel rang this morning.
I was caught off guard and unable to deny that I had indeed expressed an interest in their production. Luckily, when I described what it is that I actually do Shaz lost her enthusiasm somewhat.

Her: "You just sit at a desk making phone calls? Don't you go out and meet people?"
Me: "No, not me." (That's what I like about my job, minimal face to face contact)
Her: "Might you be going out at all in, say, the next few weeks?" (God, your job is boring isn't it?)
Me: "Nope. Not me. Not ever." (Not if I have any say in it. I like it this way.)
Her: "Not even a tiny bit?"
Me: "Not even a tiny bit".

I could hear the life-force draining from her.

Me:"Well, sometimes I...."
Her:" Yes..."
Me: "...write letters."

Her: "Oh. Oh...right....well...I'll send you an email. If you think you might be doing anything a bit more" (searches for a word other than 'interesting') "...visual ... over the next week or so ...give me a bell."
Me: "Yeah, yeah - no problem!"

I am a dud and a non-starter in the world of reality TV.

Fade To Grey - Visage
11.11 - Rufus Wainwright
One day I Will Walk - k d Lang
Do You Remember the First Time - Pulp
Beyond Belief - Elvis Costello
One Of These Things - Nick Drake
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Susanna And The Magical Orchestra
I Lost My Heart/Philippe Philippe - Paris Motel


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