Wednesday, March 21, 2007

7.31 On Time
My first penpal was called Alison.
The Deputy Head decided it would be a good idea if our whole class of ten year olds could buddy up with a whole class of ten year olds from a posh school. (Not The Posh School just up the road, a posh school sixteen miles away) And I got Alison.
I can't remember what I wrote to her about, or what her replies consisted of. As I was into marbles and making up stories about elves & puppies, while other, more developed, class mates played kiss-chase and sang mucky songs at break, my letters were probably supremely dull.
Then one day we all met up - she had a very thin, oval face and very thin, mousy plaits. We played rounders. That's all I remember.

There were never any more letters.

My second penpal was Debbie.
She lived in Plymouth. I got her out of 'Fab208'. We both liked football & Donny. We wrote for years and years, even after she'd given up on becoming a Mormon and moving out to Utah to increase her chances and got herself an actual boyfriend, but we never met.

I wish I still had her letters.

My third penpal was Wendy.
We wrote a couple of times before she came to stay for the week on a 'school exchange'.

She provided us with a running joke when, in response to my mum asking her if she was a vegetarian, she replied "No, I'm an Aquarius".
After the visit, we never wrote again.

Whatever made me think of that?

Saint Simon - The Shins
Way to Blue - Nick Drake
Your Twisted Sister - Ellis Island Sound
You Fall - Jason Anderson
Private Universe - Crowded House

Essential Wear For Future Trips To Space - Ballboy
Love & War - Rilo Kiley


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