Thursday, March 29, 2007

7.31 On Time
On the platform, sheltering from the wind behind the smokers wall, I thrust my hands into my pockets and come across a crumpled piece of paper. On it, in capitals, is scrawled the word 'CIDER'. It seems like a decent idea, but it is probably a bit early in the day.

Then I remember the conversation I had with The Wanderer. I am to lend him the Cider book and, in exchange, he will allow me to borrow the Pie book!

I have given him the closest I can come to a Stuart Maconie anecdote and he has informed me that EvilNemesis (who hails from Wigan but still manages to be a total arse) is mates with some blokes who went to school with Stuart and don't have any time for him. Then again, EvilNemesis is a complete tosser who seems to enjoy the company of tossers.

I must warn The Wanderer that the book will fall open at "Simply Thrilled Honey".

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