Thursday, April 19, 2007

17.12 On Time.
He's on the platform, I'm in my seat; but even at this distance I can tell he's one to watch. He bellows at his mobile:

"... so I've got to fill in loads more forms tomorrow...yeah, they want my normal working hours not what's on the contract... Court says I've got to sort it all out for the pension an' that, yeah? ... Yeah! Brian went ballistic." He sniggers.

My first impression, given his general demeanour, is that he's got himself some kind of employment tribunal.

"Heh, they laughed at work and said 'You'll end up in a long case you will' ...and I have...Brian went totally ballistic man. It's a major case. Sixteen weeks I'm going to be off work. I was sworn in this afternoon"

I hurriedly adjust my assumptions.

"I tell you man, it's huge. Sixteen weeks. There's extra police and the news. It's going to break all over the telly tomorrow. You should see the pile of evidence they've got ... I won't be back at work till August. Brian went b..."

Yes, I think we all know by now exactly how Brian feels about it.

"Four months it's going to be on. Its trafficking and prostitution and heavy shit...nah, won't bother me, but there's some girls on the jury going to find it hard ... there's four charges of rape...I'll just do what I've got to do me... "

At this point he discusses, at some length, the places of employment and appearance of a couple of the 'girls' on the jury. This is immediately followed by a reiteration of the seriousness of the case and the serious nastiness of the defendants.

"...No, but I can't tell you anything about it though man. The last thing the judge said was "You must not discuss this case with anyone". I'm on it for sixteen weeks now."

I can't help but think he probably isn't going to be, and that Brian will be seeing him back at work much, much sooner than anticipated.


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