Monday, April 23, 2007

17.12 On Time
Overheard in the office: "He's getting too tall for tobacco. We need to start him on alcohol soon"

While on the train: "30p...That was six bob in Old Money".

On the seat across from me a bunch of pensioners reminisce about the big con that was Decimalisation. I sneer inwardly at their inability to get over 1971. Then I remember how long it took me to get over 1981 and don't feel quite so clever.

Belong - REM
Bitchenostrophy - Rickie Lee Jones
Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell
Hallelujah - k d Lang
When I Dream - Teardrop Explodes
Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Joe Jackson
They'll Hang Flags From Cranes On My Wedding Day - Ballboy

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