Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Exercise Bike: 500 Calories - 48:13

At 48:14 minutes I'm lying on the floor panting as Janis Ian comes on. That damn basketball line gets me every time.

Fifth Form: In the gym, warming up before the game. Split into teams by the teacher so none of that 'names never called' nonsense today. There's some pointless running about followed by some shooting practice, and for added edge 'Lets make it a competition shall we?'

I am on the same team as UnrequitedLove, but can hardly be surprised as one of the reasons I've chosen to do basketball is because of the calibre of boy who also chooses it. The other reason being that the alternative to basketball is badminton. I know I'm rubbish at sport, but being rubbish at basketball is infinitely preferable to being rubbish at badminton.

I am strangely sanguine about the impending humiliation. It's not as if me being rubbish at sport will come as shock to anyone and, thankfully, the pointless running about has seen to it that I'm already a frightening shade of red, so any tell-tale blushing will be nicely concealed.

UnrequitedLove's friend has got our team off to a flying start with three out of three. He throws the ball to me and, because he is a nice boy, is encouraging rather than intimidating.

What happens next is:

I shoot and score. I shoot and score. I shoot and score.

You weren't expecting that now were you?

...Baby One More Time - Fountains Of Wayne
With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley
Can't Stop Now - Keane
Tomorrow I'll Be Nine - Eels
How Was It For You - James
Solisbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
The Happy Goth - Divine Comedy
Pyramid Song - Radiohead
Morning's Eleven - Magic Numbers
It's A Hit - Rilo Kiley
Just A Day - Feeder
Close To No One - Cure/Beatles
At 17 - Janis Ian


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