Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Exercise Bike: 500 Calories - 49:48
I am worse than ever!!!
I know it's because my knees hurt from cleaning floors, and my back aches from hoovering, and my legs haven't recovered from yesterday (and that Adem song is particularly useless for cycling) but it's still a rubbish time.

Fighting In A Sack - The Shins
A Case Of You - Joni Mitchell
Parliament Square - Stina Nordenstam
We're Going To Be Friends - White Stripes
I'm Lonely (but I ain't that lonely yet) - White Stripes
Waiting For The Moon To Rise - Belle & Sebastian
Say Hello To Angels - Interpol
Turn On Me - The Shins
Life In the Fast Lane - The Eagles
Happiness - Teenage Fanclub
Long Drive Home - Adem
Something's Going On - Lambchop
Greatest Living Englishman - Martin Newell
Your Love Is Like Las Vegas - The Thrills


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