Thursday, April 05, 2007

I finished the Pie book.

I think I'm on my own in this, but I preferred it to the Cider book.
Too much space devoted to Liverpool & Manchester of course, and ever so slightly riled by the lazy reliance on the Tyke stereotype, although I feel we get the last laugh thanks to that "my other team were Leeds United" revelation. Ha! The 1975 European Cup Final. There will always be scars.

Also, the idea that Hebden Bridge is Yorkshire's answer to Austin intrigues me.

At the last page I felt ever so slightly bereft. And it made me want to go home.

[I was also happy to be reminded of having been disturbed by 'The Owl Service' at an impressionable age - 'disturbed' in a good way as well as scared stiff - there was a lot of myth-stuff going on that I didn't understand, but there were other bits I read more than once that I'd understood perfectly the first time round. If you catch my drift.]


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