Monday, April 30, 2007

"It's four in the morning and once more the dawning..."

7.31 On Time
The milkman woke me up at four, and I've got both the songs in my head now.

Somewhere between 'Faron Young' and 'Goodbye Lucille' I realise it's 1985. I've been reading Clare's diary, where it's also 1985, and although both she and the maths tell me that's 22 years ago I know it isn't.

In 1985, through the points system and pestering the housing officer, I came to the top of the Council's list and got my own keys to my own front door. 1985 was all about decorating. About finding my feet and failing and succeeding - two steps forward one step back. Stock car racing and sherbet strawberries. Standing by the river in the rain, on the off-chance.

1985 was the real beginning.

Steve McQueen - Prefab Sprout


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