Friday, May 04, 2007

8.10 On Time
An email from Auntie M waited for me when I got home yesterday. Just a quick note to tell me that Auntie A is in hospital, seriously ill.

Auntie A and Uncle K emigrated in the 50's and consequently my relationship with them and the New Zealand branch of the family is limited to memories of the visit they made in '75 and anecdotes from the days before they sailed. I see them as sepia-toned pioneers, bravely forging a new life a world away from the Colne back-to-backs which would have been the alternative option.

They made that leap in the dark: they built their own house, bought a patch of land, raised a family, planted an orchard and gave us a heads up on kiwi fruit.

The latest news doesn't sound good.


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