Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Let's drink to all that we've left behind..."

7.31 On Time
My mum had a trait which used to drive me crazy.

She would mull over a throwaway remark for months. An imagined slight in the post office queue became the subject of an autopsy. She would re-hash, dissect and analyse it until she'd convinced herself of the speaker's malicious intent. Then, having established exactly how it was she'd been wronged, she would dwell on all the retorts she should have made and rehearse the future ways she would royally snub the offender.

I decided, long ago, never to waste time or energy on pointless introspection.

It's why I don't dwell on things.

The Mourners Of St Pauls - Liam Frost
Fake Empire - The National
Making It Back - Richmond Fontaine
Country Feedback - REM
Just Off The Coast - Clearlake
Red Rabbits- The Shins
Over The Hillside - The Blue Nile

(Antichrist Television Blues) - Arcade Fire
Goin' Back - Dusty Springfield


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