Monday, July 30, 2007

7.31 Cancelled
8.10 Five Minutes Late
The ManWithTheBike decides it would be quicker to cycle again. Either way, he doesn't rate his chances of getting the bike on board the replacement bus service, which neither of us give much chance of arriving before the next train.

People are slinking off for regular buses, for hastily arranged lifts, for a duvet day, for whatever their 'Plan B' might be.

My 'Plan B' is to hang around and see what happens.

JuniorCommuter is worried about losing pay. He was late on Friday too and the boss isn't interested in excuses. NoNonsenseWoman is at the start of her second week in the new job - it's the second time she will have been late. She's not impressed either; particularly as she's just shelled out for two month's worth of season ticket.

The replacement bus service arrives. So does the 8:10.

Trouble Is Real - Jonathan Rice


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