Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I also live under branches

16.12 On Time
Andrew 'bird by name' Bird supported Midlake last night. I like all that looping stuff, and you can't go far wrong with a fiddle and a glockenspiel, but.. but...but as far as whistling is concerned I'm strongly persuaded that 'less is more'. Or I was by the end of the set.

Midlake were louder, cleaner and less hairy than anticipated. They seemed like nice boys. Although who knows what might be going on
in their heads.

Leeds Irish Centre was a very civilised sort of venue. It smelt a bit of carpet cleaner, but I suspect a lot of places do at the moment. It's a shame it's 90 miles away.

Closest yet to missing my stop through being asleep.

The Trials Of Van Occupanther - Midlake


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