Thursday, August 02, 2007

17.12 On Time
Had a meeting about Projects with ExLineManager & Madam this morning.
Couldn't work out if I was gooseberry or chaperone. Either way, my contribution was negligible. Having come over a bit allergic and popped a couple of benadryl first thing, I lost the powers of speech and lucid thought for a few hours.

Normally no one would notice, but the gaps which should have been filled by me saying "and this is the reason why that won't work" were conspicuous.

And, afterwards, I was too late to save Leanne from the man with the smelly pouffe. Sorry.

Overthrown - Tom McRae
Leaders Of The Free World - Elbow
The Recruited Collier - Kate Rusby
A Day, Another Day - The Strange Death Of Liberal England
I Go Down - Leaves
All Sparks - Editors
Better Do Better - Hard Fi


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