Wednesday, August 29, 2007

17.12 Ten Minutes Late
The innocent question: "So, anyway, how are you?"

Feeling detached - short of sleep - all out of dreams. Waiting for something else to come along. The 'something' that will 'turn up' as people forever promise. Wondering how to make it happen. Things are out of my control. I'm not good with things I can't control.

I'm sleepwalking. On the edge, right up to the brink, aware of the drop but unable to stop. I'll wake up looking for trouble; asking for trouble. Interfering - poking and prodding - stirring, agitating, meddling, sowing the seeds and waiting, waiting, waiting ... for something, anything, to happen.

But if it won't? If it doesn't? Wondering if it's a matter of time before l put my fingers in the flame just to be sure the flame's still alight. I need my fingers burning on a fairly regular basis.

But honestly?

"I'm fine. Everything's fine."

Western Skies - Roddy Frame


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