Monday, August 06, 2007

7.31 On Time
"It'll be a real Burnley Wedding" Said GirlieBoss, a little ruefully, a couple of weeks ago. As it happened, there was no brawling or bawling, and everything ran like clockwork.

The Bride's seven year old nephew read "These I Can Promise" and burly men (and me) were reduced to tears - that kid was good!

The Bride's Polish Grandma was inscrutable, and the Best Man had an unexpected attack of nerves (or taste?) and curtailed his speech. It was only the fifth wedding I've ever been to, but it was the best.

The only tiny hitch appeared to be the absence of the Official Photographer's dinner. Apparently Chef had been instructed to prepare three vegetarian meals, and these had already been claimed and scoffed by three bona fide vegetarians higher up the pecking order. The waitress apologised profusely, then the waiter apologised profusely, but at the end of the apologising it didn't seem as if Chef was all that hot on improvisation. Luckily, the Official Photographer is more of a dancer than a diner.

Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners

December '63 (O What A Night ) - The Four Seasons
Baggy Trousers - Madness
Going Underground - The Jam
99 Red Balloons - Nena
Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
Take On Me - A-Ha


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