Wednesday, August 15, 2007

7.31 On time
In the cobwebby past of the early Eighties when I was wearing a Duffle coat, a pair of pink pumps and the tightest jeans I've ever got into; nodding off during film studies and having my sociology notes copied by a girl who would later become known as 'Chloe', there was a MiddleAgedBeforeHisTime Young Conservative who, during his first week in Halls, had his parents deliver unto him a van load of furniture including, most preposterously, a carpet.

I don't know why the idea of taking your own carpet to college struck me as so ridiculous, after all I had 'Pink Teddy' so was hardly in a position to cast the first stone.

Anyway, in the unlikely event of the dark wood cabinets and outrageous carpet proving an insufficient lure he also had a home-taped Easy Listening Cassette to assist him with his stated aim: the Seduction of the Young Ladies.

Being the witty types that we were, we mockingly dubbed it "Stale Eight".

We were so funny.

The reason any of this is in my head at all is that I'm currently hearing Boards Of Canada and wondering if this would be the 'Stale Eight' of it's time?

A worrying thought. But not so worrying as the fact that I was once only half a cider away from snogging Carpet Boy.

Oh the shame. I shudder. And move on.

A Chance Counsel - Richard Buckner
Company - Rickie Lee Jones
Olsen - Boards Of Canada
Pam Berry - The Shins
Deadweight On Velveteen - Jose Gonzales
Bordello Kind Of Guy - Gogol Bordello
Modern Way - Kaiser Chiefs


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