Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"I'm falling for you"

17.12 On Time
I spent all day wishing my life away, watching the clock, waiting for time to pass so I could escape and, at last, be alone with my jukebox.

To check my ticket the conductor had to interrupt an intimate moment by waving his hand in front of my face. I was so lost in the playlist it was almost embarrassing. It's a relief really, I was starting to think I'd lost the feeling. Worry that I'd become jaded, stale, or (thinking the unthinkable) that I'd finally grown out of it.

But no. There's almost too much for my ears to take, but Lastfm is making me fall in love all over again. That and mp3 bloggers. If you spend enough time flitting from mp3 blog to mp3 blog, you can get anything you want.

(Exceptin' "Ring of Bright Water" by Val Doonican.)

Tiny Voices - Joe Henry
Flyin' Shoes - Townes Van Zandt
Geisha - Ben Weaver
Town - Richard Buckner
Long Black Limousine - Gram Parsons
Either Way - Wilco
Probably - Kevin Devine
Boy With A Coin - Iron & Wine
They Don't Know - Ben Gibbard


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