Friday, September 21, 2007

16.12 On Time: Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.
Today passed extra-extra specially slowly. Slower than a treacle-dipped sloth.

For most of the morning it felt like a pneumatic drill was going off inside my head - which I thought was pretty unfair seeing as how I didn't drink that much last night. Felt slightly better after it was confirmed that men were digging up the street and there actually was a pneumatic drill.

CanoeingInstructor took the day off to tidy her sock drawer which was a shame, as it meant that half-nine came and went and there was no one to suggest a bacon buttie run. However, ThesaurusBoy had scarcely taken off his coat before OldFishWife asked hopefully: "So, are we having chips for dinner then?"

We did.

I perked up.

Then had a Mars bar.

But now, I'm so tired I feel sick.

It was a good night though.

Three out of the four performances caused scarcely any pain at all and the other one, well, we gave them ten minutes and then gave up, so relatively little harm was done. I scribbled a few highly amusing, insightful, scrumpy fuelled notes under the fluorescent light:

"Flashing-Eyed Disco-Assed Kitten!
You're from Leicester, you don't need to "buy a fake id" you can just go to Londis.
Haircuts of ten year olds.
Grown up ladies and men pretending to be children isn't really for me.'
WhyDoesJesusHateMe' Southern Gothic.
I feel his pain, but I don't share it.
It's not a sin to break it up with a verse-chorus-verse once in a while.
The Blue Nile Twin???"

In the absence of fluorescent light and scrumpy they seem only slightly baffling.

Transatlanticism - Death Cab For Cutie
We Looked Like Giants - Death Cab For Cutie
Our Song - Joe Henry
America - Simon & Garfunkel
Because - Elliott Smith
I'll Wear It Proudly - Elvis Costello

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