Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"it started badly and it's ending wrong"

7.31 On Time
It was either dark when the alarm went off this morning or I forgot to open my eyes.

The girl on the seat in front of me has a job interview on Friday.
I know this because she has just written it, neatly, in her diary. In preparation she's reading a book called "1001 Really Tough Interview Questions To Answer Before You Die" (or some such). She chews the end of her pen, then makes notes. I catch sight of the words "I find it frustrating that..." . With a slight twist of my shoulders and a crane of my neck I could easily read the rest of her round, childish handwriting, but I don't.

I wish her a silent "Good Luck" then close my eyes and focus on my new favourite song.

Our Song - Joe Henry


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