Friday, October 12, 2007

17.12 On Time
Indulged by her father, who has the worst teeth I've ever seen (I can't stop looking, even though the sight of them makes me feel sick and induces a psychosomatic ache in my own gums), a five year old girl occupies her time by licking the carriage window.

Across the aisle AnnoyinglySkinnyLegalWoman crows about the implausibly tiny new outfit she's just bought, in which she definitely looks gorgeous.

There is no obvious catalyst but the little girl begins to cry; emitting distressingly piercing wails and summoning real tears and shoulder shaking sobs.
Immediately, instinctively, I know it to be a sham.
Something in her pale face reminds me of me and - kid - you can't kid a kidder.

Meanwhile, in Manchester, a man is hesitating before turning on the tap, not entirely convinced that it will no longer gush dead wasps.

That Summer, At Home, I Had Become The Invisible Boy - The Twilight Sad
Ed Is A Portal - Akron/Family
Welcome, Ghosts - Explosions In The Sky
According To Plan - I Love You, But I've Chosen Darkness
The Cold Swedish Winter - Jens Lekman
No Key, No Plan - Okkervil River
Onions - The Mountain Goats


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