Monday, October 01, 2007

Sports and Wine

8.10 On Time
The train thanks us for travelling with MerseyRail and politely asks us all to disembark, as she is terminating here at Lime Street.

One or two are momentarily flustered, it being Monday morning and them not having woken up yet, but it's possible that the shared laughter of my fellow travellers will be as near as I will get to a sense of community today.

I give myself a slap and decide to be more positive. I'll always have Lancaster, for goodness sake! Months of attempting to coordinate our diaries resulted in R&J&Me all managing to be in the same place at the same time. Drinking wine, marvelling at R's determination and looking at Queen Victoria's willy. I even managed to have the result texted to me without allowing it to spoil things (I didn't allow it to spoil things did I?).

That was then, this is now. On the corner of Cross Street there is what looks uncomfortably like a pool of blood. I swerve, and try not to get DNA on my shoes.

All The Same - Laura Cantrell
Hammering The Cramps - Sparklehorse
Let It Die - Feist
Broken Arrow - The Album Leaf
Biting The Soles Of My Feet - Electric Soft Parade
Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung
Epitaph - Badly Drawn Boy
Diamonds Are Forever - Cinerama
Sports and Wine - Ben Folds Five

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