Monday, October 29, 2007

Wake Up!

7.31 Cancelled.
Ha-ha! But I knew it would be! So I stayed in bed for the extra half-hour!
8.10 On Time
Memories of the last time were strong, and there was a lot to live up to, but I've still got a residual Arcade Fire induced Ready-Brek style glow to keep me warm.
I'm glad I got off that "I'm never setting foot in an arena again, not for no one" high horse; if only for the pleasure of sharing in the choruses of "Wake Up" that flooded out of the Arena, spilled down the steps and washed around the streets of Manchester on Saturday night.

However, I hate that I was hypnotised into staring at the stupid texts on the stupid lit-up stupid message board. (My personal favourites were "Dear Sam, No. Love Edwin" and "Vicky dont bother coming home tonight we are finished").

TheOlderBoy commented that it was strange not to be able to see the band's faces (we were a very long way up). He has obviously been spoiled.

Anyway, better folks than I have described the experience in full (and taken some decent photos).

Funeral - Arcade Fire


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