Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"...I'm not feeling up to it now"

17.12 On Time
Looks like my biggest ever work place screw up is coming back to haunt me.

The way it's turning out has really undermined my faith in ExLineManager - well, Managers in general really - and it's not as if Managers are something we're short on.
I know it was all my own fault, but it's not as if I didn't own up right at the start.

Guess what? The trouble with our place is that nobody has a fucking clue what anybody else is doing.

Roscoe - Midlake
Like A Hurricane - Neil Young
Country Feedback - REM
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynryd Skynryd
Not Ready Yet - Eels
In Bloom - Nirvana
Late - Ben Folds


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