Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"...nothing changes here and nothing improves"

17.12 On Time
I was a bit previous (as my mum used to say) with my optimism regarding the migration.

The initial phase appeared relatively hitch free precisely because everyone was too busy fiddling with their desktops and settings to bother trying to get any work done.

Day II went from bad-ish to O.K.
Day III is the archetypal ‘two steps back’.

HeadGeek agrees that, although his system is telling him that we are not having a problem and everything is fine, we are actually having a problem. He confirms that I am neither mad nor pressing the wrong buttons.

Even better, despite the plethora of colleagues who are ‘senior’ to me (and I’m really not bitter about that at all, not hardly ever much) none of them are here today. In fact I find that, by default, I seem to be the Boss of Me, OldFishWife & PayPeanutsGetMonkeys.

And if PayPeanutsGetMonkeys decides that a two-hour lunch is in order, then I’m not paid to argue with him.

By half four it's just me and OldFishWife. We have a nice chat and exchange worries. For a second I feel as if I might be about to cry, but then I take a deep breath, keep it in, and feel much better.

Garden Ruin - Calexico


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