Monday, December 17, 2007

8.10 On Time
Gogol Bordello brought our triumphant and possibly slightly over-ambitious* Autumn gig season to a spectacular close. My ears are still buzzing slightly.

But I was prepared for loud.
I expected frenetic. I expected a bit of a scrum. I thought they might be a bit of a shambles. They arrived onstage at 100mph and managed ninety minutes of acceleration. There was nothing shambolic about them.

It was a bit of a scrum.

A girl who began the evening with a magnificently tall, rainbow coloured Mohican came and went, becoming more bedraggled and worse for drink wear as the night progressed. By the end the magnificent Mohican was a broken wing. It’s likely to have been the best night she’ll never remember.

On the way back to the car TheOlderBoy’s friend commented on the audience demographic: "It was amazing! There were so many young kids there tonight! Last time we saw Gogol Bordello it was mostly Middle Aged People ... No offence..."

Erm... None taken.

Carolina - M Ward
Florida - Modest Mouse
Baltimore - Randy Newman
California - Rufus Wainwright
Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen
Galveston - Glen Campbell
Florida - Grandaddy
Carolina - Josh Rouse

*Sunday nights are a killer, we're not doing Sunday nights anymore. Not untill April 13th anyway.


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