Monday, January 28, 2008

17.12 On Time
This morning I woke up hung-over in a bunk bed.

Last time I woke up in a bunk bed feeling this bad I was on a ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge. The time before that, the pre-Glasnost Trans-Siberian Express.
Last time I woke up in a bunk bed with a hangover? It could only be Manchester Road.
It is ridiculous - how many times will I need to be told not to mix my drinks and how many more lessons will it take until I learn that this rule must be applied without exception when red wine is involved.

The trouble is that Jo & M are so congenial, and such easy people to have a drink with, that it's incredibly difficult to stop having a drink with them.

(See! It wasn’t my fault after all! It is their fault for being too amiable)

I spent the day closely focused on breathing and not moving my head.

Boxer - The National

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