Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Just unzip your inhibitions... what have you got to lose?"

15.12 On Time
Either because I've been very good lately, or because I expressed an interest, I was allowed to go to
Salford for a training day. It was much less traumatic than the last one. The Trainer was a bit mumbly but seemed to know his stuff and, after all, we are now in a "HIP live situation", so I could almost excuse him using the phrase "fit for purpose" twice. The only group he targeted for abuse were Mortgage Lenders ("Bastards") and I'm not really going to get worked up about that one.

OldFishWife was quite right: the room was freezing, and when the canteen next door started to fill up the noise of clattering cutlery and chattering fire service officers was sufficiently distracting to allow me to drift off into ... well, it had nothing to do with estate agents. Or firemen for that matter.

Anyway: Mumbly Trainer concluded the session by quietly exhorting us to "Go out there and kick ass" so, on balance, not a complete waste of time. And I got to come home in daylight.

Disco Volante - Cinerama


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