Tuesday, January 08, 2008

"...there may be less between us than we thought"

17.12 On Time
Rockall, Fastnet and Finisterre; LWU 594D; Rob Tasker.

How come I can (and recently have) remembered the names of the canal boats we navigated between Dewsbury and Selby on a school trip in 1974, the registration number of our first family car and the lead singer of The Nice Men, but can't recall an apparently detailed discussion I had about an ongoing case only three weeks ago?

Possibly because the words 'leaking' and 'conservatory' were involved? Possibly because it was the week before Christmas and drink had been taken?

Maybe I should be shovelling some of the rubbish out of my memory and making space for some of the stuff I might actually need.

Can't for the life of me remember which one of those Fifth Form boys it was that fell off Fastnet and into the canal, so that's a start.

Hurting Each Other - The Carpenters
The Optimist - Turin Brakes
A Forest - The Cure
Chelsea Morning - Joni Mitchell
Stockholm Syndrome - Muse
It's A Miracle - Trashcan Sinatras
You're The Best Thing - The Style Council
The Darkness Of Her Eyes - The Lilac Time

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