Monday, March 31, 2008

"En route, she upbraided herself for imputing internal turmoil to strangers, for her fellow pedestrians seemed universally to look stricken. She allowed herself a touch of irritation at having to weave past so many laggards, trolling the sidewalks in a narcotic daze.
Alarming headlines were inconclusive, photos consuming most of the front pages."

If I could've included sentence five as well it might've all clicked into place...

Oh, go on then.

Sentence five is: "On the morning of August 31, Irina trotted once more numbly to the newsagent for a Sunday Telegraph." Now - see what she did there?

I enjoyed "We Need To Talk About Kevin". It was a slog, but a worthwhile slog. This one is really heavy going. I will persist. Maybe there will be a moment when I realise I'm supposed to have an intense dislike of all the characters, maybe that's the whole point. I don't know. If someone wants to spoil it for me, I don't much care.

Anyway - Georgina made me do it!


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