Thursday, April 17, 2008

"...who needs money, when you're funny"

7.59 On Time
Simon? Nooooo. Not Simon!

But apparently it was for the best, as it transpires that he is a decent bloke and very 'umble and determined to retain his integrity. Thus he could never, ever survive in that house of backstabbing wannabe Machiavellians.

I don’t think Margaret has had such love for a contestant since she was smitten with James "Wolf Fleece" Max in the first series.

As for Lucinda – to be put in an "appropriate skills set" you have to have some skills…but, what’s this? According to Lucinda’s biography she has worked in "IT in the financial sector". So, which is it? Luddite or Liar?
Well, 'Liar' either way actually.

What exactly does she imagine she can do?

I imagine her as being particularly adept at putting bows in the fringes of Yorkshire Terriers. If next week's task incorporates a quantity of dithering, a pinch of faffing and a large dash of away-with-the-fairies Lucinda’s a shoo-in.

The Seldom Seen Kid - Elbow


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