Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"...why d'you have to act like you know when you don't know?"

7.59 On Time
Waiting for the doors to open I could feel IntimidatingGermanWoman invading my space, pushing at the back of my knees with her holdall. I turned and smiled and said “Sorry”, partly because I’m english, and partly to let her know that I knew what she was up to.

Four or five songs is not a play list. It’s a ‘let’s see what you would’ve won’ glimpse at the possibilities.

The journey is too short! The train is too fast!

I Don’t Want To Talk About It – Rod Stewart
You’ve Got Ger In Your Pocket – White Stripes
Bastard – Ben Folds
Nonphenomenal Lineage – Grandaddy


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