Wednesday, August 20, 2008

7.59 On Time
When we did our flit we ended up only a few minutes walk from our local football club. Last night was the first home game of the season and the lure proved too great to resist.

According to the pep talk in the programme ‘watching the Dollies really isn't for the faint hearted’ so we knew we'd feel right at home.

It got off to a dream start, with an early goal and some comically obscene linesman abuse. But by the time the floodlights had warmed up and the pies been devoured* the first penalty had been missed and the rain was teeming down. The balmy August evening acquired all the ambience of late November.

Those programme notes were right

(*sadly, not by me)

Morning Sun – The Lilac Time
Apple Bed – Sparklehorse
Such Great Heights – Iron & Wine
The First Cut Is The Deepest – Rod Stewart


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