Thursday, September 18, 2008

17.18 Seven Minutes Late
Today was a good day.

Started with a glimpse of a hot air balloon hanging a clear blue sky and a couple of what I initially took to be work experience boys discussing how other departments are so much more cavalier with cash than their own: “…they spent one and a half million on refurbishing that office. They got interior designers; they got consultants to tell them how to make it healthy. All new desks, fancy chairs. Plants. Paintings. The lot … then they work from home half the time”

Continued with a ‘To-Do’ file full of cases plastered with post-it notes all baring the instruction:


Stuff I’d been putting off since the end of last week finally became unavoidable. Letters that ramble on for pages but never actually explain what the complaint is or what they want doing about it, email correspondents who think it’s acceptable to forward a string of twelve emails all of which have differing attachments and replies but none of which contain an entire thread or any hope of a concise summary. Or punctuation. I love a deadline though. Especially an arbitrary, self-imposed one.

Ended with a clear desk.

Well, actually, ended with a glass of wine.

Let's Go Out Tonight - The Blue Nile
Zoo - Astrid
If You See Natalie - Eels

I Got You - Split Enz
Sing Songs Along - Tilly & The Wall


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