Monday, October 13, 2008

8.29 On Time
There was some initial resistance but I got drawn into BBC 4’s 'Guitar Night' on Friday.

It brought back an afternoon, doing my homework at the kitchen table while my Mum was making the tea, when - as seemed to happen regularly in those days - Stephane Grappelli and the Diz Disley Trio came on the radio and my Mum said:

“I was at school with Diz Disley”

Sadly, rest of my Mum’s anecdote is lost to me - I think it it contained the information that his sister had been a teacher ... or maybe his mother..? I don't know, there was something about "Miss Disley" anyway, and that it was surprising he’d ever amounted to anything much; but I might be making that up.

In fact, even though I can remember remembering the story on previous occasions, I did begin to wonder if I was making it all up.

The most
cursory of checks would seem to indicate that the first fragment at least was true.

(Quiet Coach) When You Are Engulfed In Flames - David Sedaris


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