Friday, October 24, 2008

"...are we having the time of our lives?"

It's down to Stuart Maconie that I learned to love Elbow when I did.
I'm not saying I'd never have come back round to them but at the time I'd been scared by the video for 'Powder Blue', thought 'Newborn' went on a bit and not really 'got' the rest of 'Asleep In The Back'.

It was one evening when he was deputising in the Radio 2 teatime slot. He had Elbow in playing live to promote 'Cast Of Thousands'. I heard the first seconds of 'Fugitive Motel' and was transfixed. By the time they'd finished 'Switching Off' I was in a heap on the kitchen floor.

I bought the album the next day. I've never stopped loving them since.

Last night was....well... by the time the glitter went up and the balloons came down (yes, of course it was during 'One Day Like This') my face hurt from smiling. I sympathised with the bloke who was shouting "Do some old songs!" but "The Fix" apart, I don't know what I would've wanted them to leave out. I got carried away and took lots of really blurry photos.

When Guy Garvey walked half way across the front row shaking hands with the audience I was disappointed that he didn't make it to where we were standing. That was was very weird. I've never wanted to touch a singer before. Well, not since I've been a grown-up anyway. The woman next to me had spotted him outside the Apollo before the show, and had a chat. She was even more smitten than me ("He's lovely. So approachable."). When the lights went up she said :"His lyrics are so romantic. If only my husband could even think things like that..."

"Are we coming across clear?" Oh yes, I think so.


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