Tuesday, December 02, 2008

17.18 On Time
This morning we had a trip out to
St Helens’ premier tourist attraction.
There was some very nice shortbread and, despite the dryness of the subject matter, the seminar was not that dull. Unfortunately, we were told something in absolute, strictest confidence which I must not, on pain of death, repeat or reveal.

At first I was terrified:

What if I talk in my sleep? What if I have half a glass of Pinot Grigio between now and December 8th and it just slips out?? What if I fall into the hands of 'the other side' and they torture me for information??? (I've watched enough '24' to know they'll kill me whether I tell them or not, but still can't work out if this means I might as well tell them straight away or that I should hold out for as long as possible)

I deliberately don't get paid enough to handle this level of responsibility.

Luckily, several hours have now passed and I've long since forgotten what it is I'm not supposed to say.

Ooops. 'Low Battery'


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