Thursday, December 11, 2008

17.18 Two Minutes Late
Last night: Glasvegas at 53 Degrees

“Hello - we’re ‘Denizens of Chocolate’”
(at least that’s what I thought he said).
The name wasn’t on the drum, but then I don’t suppose it would have fitted.
It's 20 minutes of Prog-a-Billy then:
“Thank you. We’ve been ‘Dennis Hopper’s Chops’
(at least that’s what I thought he said).

White Lies do have their name on the drum, which is a step in the right direction.
They do no nonsense, pseudo-sinister pop songs and sound as though they own a Killers album or two.
‘White Lies’ is a rubbish name for a band though. They should change it before it’s too late: ‘Denizens of Chocolate’ is going spare.

Glasvegas have managed to piss me off before they even get to the stage.

Everything is ready for them by 9:45. The towels are out, the water bottles are out, every guitar has been tuned, then re-tuned. By 10:00 the crowd is teetering beyond anticipation and tipping into impatience but, presumably because they only have 40 minutes of material, the band still don’t deign to appear for another 15 minutes.

When they do appear they have the rock star poses, they have the lights; they most definitely have the sound. They’re giving us the stadium show, minus the stadium. Did I mention, they are loud? If you only go to one gig this year that can’t be spoiled by chattering fuck wits, it will be Glasvegas.

They’re no twilight sad though.

i'm taking the train home – the twilight sad
Daddy’s Gone – Glasvegas
Some Candy Talking – Jesus & Mary Chain
You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby – The Smiths


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