Wednesday, December 17, 2008

17.41 On Time
I found myself standing on the pavement outside Boots at five past nine this morning, along with three or four other people. We checked the sign on the door. We looked at our watches. We looked at the ground. We checked the sign again. It still said 'Open 09:00'. A couple of people exchanged "What's going on?" "I don't know" grunts. Then A Pensioner arrived. Without even checking the opening times or glancing at her watch she proceeded to rattle the door handle vigorously, presumably inwardly cursing the rest of us for our feeble-mindedness.

After a several seconds the door was pushed open a fraction, and an assistant apologetically peered out and explained that, as the pharmacist hadn't yet arrived, it was illegal for them to open and we were in for at least another ten minute wait.

I shuffled back to the office and 'borrowed' a lem-sip from Leanne instead.

I haven't got one of those colds where your nose drips and your throat is sore and your ears hurt. I can't have - after all I only just had that other bug and I never get ill. Ever. Especially not with A Christmas Do, A Leaving Do and a Closing Ceremony to attend over the next few days.

I've got to be fit to go - I've bought a shiny top and some new jeans, and I'm not really a shiny top person at the best of times.

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