Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"...brainy brainy brainy"

16.44 On Time
I thought the whole point of University Challenge was to answer as many questions as you could, as quickly as you could, and to give as many right answers as possible.

Turns out maybe not, if you're a girl.

I started off applying the 'furthest north/not Oxbridge' rule and cheered on Manchester. Especially the normal looking lad on the end who was obviously only there in case any sport/popular culture questions came up (when Paxo pronounced the music question to be 'classical' the poor sap visibly wilted).

Anyway, their captain was pretty much carrying them, so what's the big deal when the girl finally gets into her stride and starts hitting that buzzer?

*UPDATE* Common sense prevails.

And for the sake of completeness....

Brainy - The National
Get Smart - Cinerama
Beaten To The Punch - Elvis Costello
Lost - The Cure


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