Sunday, March 29, 2009

"...I will never say the word 'procrastinate' again"

A couple of things came out of our last trip to Lakeland: the whole lico-rish / lico-rice debate and the rehabilitation of the poached egg.

Over the years we've had plenty of attempts at egg poaching. The results have ranged from disappointing to disastrous. Lovely swears by centrifugal force, but I've tried 'swirl it in a pan with some vinegar' enough to know that, even when executed correctly, it's not for me. I want my poached eggs to be perfect half moons of buttery eggyness - not whirling tendrils of watery egg-based protein.

I even let the opportunity to inherit my Mum's aged but still perfectly functional poaching pan pass me by because "we never eat poached eggs". In my defence I probably wasn't at my most clear thinking at the time.

Anyhow, those days are gone, thanks to Lakeland and the most fabulous application of technology I've come across since...well, Spotify probably.

Flood - They Might Be Giants


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