Monday, March 23, 2009

It might seem that I've taken the day off to listen to the new Decemberists album. Especially in light of other recent Decemberists related impulse buying madness. But it's not so, it's just a happy coincidence.

Anyway, earlier on, I was in Sainsbury's stocking up on crumpets and seasonal veg. The man in front of me at 'ten items or fewer' was chatting to the chap on the till (the chap on the till at 'ten items or fewer' is always very chatty) and as he turned to leave the man said: "Right I'm off for a pint now. Can't wait. Haven't had a drink in four days". As an afterthought he added: I'm not an alcoholic or anything".

When he'd gone, the chap on the till looked at me and we shared the thought: "'s a bit early for me...."

It was twenty past nine.

The Hazards Of Love - The Decemberists


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