Friday, March 20, 2009

"...just a girl who can't say no"

16.44 Six Minutes Late
Finished the chocolates this afternoon.
They had lasted three days, which is pretty good in our office. Although that may have been because I was rationing them quite severely.

As soon as I'd got them upstairs I realised I hadn't made enough of an effort to refuse - not even the most perfunctory of 'Oh, no really, you shouldn't have's. I could see what was in the bag, I wanted it: I'm not good at dissembling.

But, technically, we're not permitted to accept gifts. We're supposed to put up at least a show of resistance and not leave ourselves open to 'Council Officials in Chocolate Corruption Scandal' accusations.

Expect 'ThorntonsGate' to follow.

Jupiter & Teardrop - Grant Lee Buffalo
Bixby Canyon Bridge - Death Cab For Cutie
I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips - Benji Hughes
Some Things Last A Long Time - Daniel Johnston


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