Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"...we've got to get out of this place ... we've got to get out of Yorkshire"

[Special TV Episode]
I don't know what Yorkshire ever did to David Peace, but I'm bloody glad it never did it to me.

I girded my loins, gritted my teeth and finally sat down to watch Red Riding, and I'm so glad I did (it explains those "sad sweet dreamer red riding" Google searches for a start). It also proves you should always face your fears: the reality is never as bad as your imagination.

Perhaps knowing where it was headed robbed it of suspense, or perhaps there was no suspense, I'm open to debate on that one. All I know is, an hour in, when Sean Bean appeared (I will also concede the white polo neck - my dad had one just like it) things picked up so much that I got to thinking maybe he had a sort of point.

'Don't rock the boat son, everyone's happy. So what if a few kids go missing? Nobody's perfect!'

Paula love, Unsteady Eddie was never your knight in shining armour, despite his promise to 'take you South' (or was that a euphemism?) where the breeze is warm. And how come he suddenly learned how to throw a puch when he'd spent the previous 110 minutes being beaten up? We'll leave the shooting aside for now.

It was nowhere near as grim as I expected, and a whole lot sillier. Although maybe that's partly because I'd watched the Miner's Strike programme on BBC4 on Monday. Now that was harrowing. Anyway, what a relief - now I don't need to read the rest of them! (Probably). Will watch tomorrow's episode without fear (probably).

The Luke Haines song is still brilliant though.

Leeds United - Luke Haines
Sad Sweet Dreamer - Sweet Sensation
Costafine Town - Splinter
Daniel - Elton John


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