Thursday, April 23, 2009

17.53 On Time
As with so many things I brought it on myself.

Not only did I allow the thought: "Hmmm, what a lot of nice, reasonable people I've been dealing with lately" enter my conscious mind but I forgot to turn my phone off at five and picked up the call that came through at five past.

When the answer I gave him didn't tally with the answer he wanted me to give him (and following a lively exchange of views culminating in him resorting to calling me "Dear"- you know they're on the ropes at that point) he demanded to speak to ExLineManager. Presumably in the mistaken belief that this would intimidate me into changing my answer (the correct one) into his answer (the incorrect one). It didn't.

I sometimes wonder why I bother. What does it matter anyway? Why can't I just agree?

I could say: "Oh, you know, now I've had another think, yes, the law is exactly the opposite of what I just said it was. Turns out you're 100% right! I don't know why you bothered asking me in the first place! What do I know about it?"

After all it's no skin off my nose is it? I'm not going to be the one wasting money on court fees. In fact, if he rings back tomorrow, I think that's exactly what I will do.

Show Me How The Spectres Dance - Liam Frost & The Slowdown Family


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