Monday, May 04, 2009

"...we'll run like we're awesome, totally genius"

Generally speaking I tend towards 'hell for leather' rather than "wisely and slow".

When something needs doing - and it's something I'm keen to do - I want to wake early and get up early and start the job and keep at it until either it's finished or I am. The ultimate reward is that "so tired, so hungry, so much in need of a earned that beer" feeling.

I know there are other ways to approach a task.
More relaxed ways that encompass tea breaks and a bit of a sit down. Pacing yourself, maybe going away and doing something else for an hour or so and coming back to it later refreshed.
I'm not saying these ways are wrong ways, but they're not my ways.

Discovered another wall this weekend. This one's going to be more of a challenge. My arms hurt.

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