Wednesday, August 12, 2009

15:52 On Time
Shunned a dying man in order to make a train.

It sounds like something from Earl's list, but it's what I did today.

Had to visit the BoyDentist this afternoon (we're getting on better these days, which is just as well as I'm back again in another four months) and as I was ambling back towards the station it dawned on me that, if I got a move on, I stood a slim chance of catching the next train rather than having to kick my heels for another whole hour.

So, there I was walk-running along the pavement when in the distance I saw a mobility scooter, scooting erratically towards me. As it got closer I recognised it's driver as the shadow of a former colleague, a man I used to work closely with ten years ago. We drew level. He said "Hello." I said "Hello".

I didn't stop, neither did I shout back "Train! Station!Got to..." as some form of explanation. I ran-walked away.

He was never a strapping, rosy complexioned picture of health - more a man constructed entirely from tobacco leaf - but today he was strapped to a tank of oxygen and grey as a squirrel.

He didn't stop either, but that's a feeble excuse isn't it?

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