Wednesday, September 02, 2009

17.41 Ten Minutes Late
We don't know if it's the weather or the water, but a definite something has got into people recently.

A call on speakerphone is usually a sign that a conversation is degenerating and that witnesses or assistance might be needed, so we all had the benefit of Mr"I'm going to smash his wife's face in and if I committed murder it wouldn't be my fault, it would be the police's fault for not doing anything about it" . Very calm, totally in control: much more menacing than a ranter. You can leave a ranter to run out of steam, by which time they'll probably apologise and tell you "I'm just really frustrated". This one didn't sound angry - he sounded serious.

Then, later, ThesaurusBoy's caller tried for the sympathy angle by following up the promise of violence with the threat of suicide.

Some people seem to lose all sense of proportion when consumer goods go bad.

By The Time I Get To Phoenix - Glen Campbell
Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen
Incident At Conklin Creek - Richmond Fontaine
I Came Here To Say I'm Going Away - Okkervil River


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