Tuesday, December 20, 2005

17.12 On Time
The internet is sadly lacking in information regarding the
Jacob's Join (or 'Jacob's Joint' as Lovely referred to it. Maybe that's a Welsh thing?). My favourite explanation advises that the concept originates from "...the mountainous areas of Lancashire and Yorkshire" as do I.

Wherever it comes from, I know where it takes me.
Back to Sunday School, back to Brownies, and back to supplying jellies for school Christmas parties. Every year, from Reception to Class Five for both TheOlder and TheYoungerBoy a jelly was my required contribution. By Class Three I'd worked it out. The teachers were aware of my perilous financial situation and making an economic decision rather than a culinary one.

I made traffic light jellies.
It's all in the timing.

Tomorrow we are having an Office Jacob's Join.
I'm saying nothing.

Other than keep away from the scones.


Friday, December 09, 2005

7.31 On Time
A flat above a hairdressers on Manchester Road in Southport, a quarter of a century ago.

R stumbles into the bedroom, in the dark, in the cold, and announces: "John Lennon's been shot."
Neither J nor I can believe it.
Nothing is official until it's been confirmed by the BBC, but this is all over the radio.

Soon that Godawful "Woman" will be Number One.

Another Girl Another Planet - The Only Ones
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers
Babylon's Burning - The Ruts
Can't Stand Me Now - The Libertines
Mr Brightside - The Killers
Hard To Explain - The Strokes
How You Remind Me - Nickleback


Thursday, December 08, 2005

7.31 On Time
Dreamt about Ross Fortune last night.
Still stalking my dreams after all these years.
Though, of course, it was me doing the stalking.

This time he was by the stairs, between the bar and the shop, chatting to two First Year Girls dressed in ridiculously brightly coloured skirts. He spotted me and did the grin.
But this time he spoke : "What is it that you want?"

Naturally, that's when I woke up.

Just A Memory - Elvis Costello
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
Echo Beach - Martha & The Muffins
Daydream Believer - The Monkees
Vienna - Ultravox
Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
You Wear It Well - Rod Stewart
I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down - Elvis Costello


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

7.31 On Time
I was under the shower contemplating the forthcoming Work Christmas Dos (tomorrow and next Wednesday) and considering how they rarely bring out the best in people, and how even the most unlikely souls can find themselves having to take evasive action when faced with the leery, unwanted attentions of salivating middle management.

Suddenly, the shower ran cold, and I remembered some information Leanne had shared with me several weeks ago, specifically, how TheOffalExpert has a 'huge crush' on me.

What Have I Done To Deserve This? - Pet Shop Boys/Dusty Springfield
Now It's On - Grandaddy
Come Home Billy Bird - Divine Comedy
A Case Of You - Joni Mitchell
Our Mutual Friend - Divine Comedy
Moods For Moderns - Elvis Costello
Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland - Grandaddy

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

7.31 Five Minutes Late
The hearing is definitely going.

A few days ago, discussing our plans for the evening, Tim declares: "There's a programme on Geoff Capes I'd quite like to see"

"Geoff Capes!?!" Incredulity doesn't begin to describe it. "Geoff Capes - the budgie man?"

He gives me a look that manages to be both withering and long suffering and enunciates patiently: "J. F. K."

Learn To Live With What You Are - Ben Folds
Sold As Seen - I Am Kloot
Give Me Your Eyes - The Cardigans
Helpless - k d Lang
Women and Men - Josh Rouse
Late Night Grand Hotel - Nanci Griffith
Goodbye To Love - The Carpenters
I Won't Die For You - The Lilac Time


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