Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Haloscan You Bastards!

Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Worst Case Train Scenario #2

17.17 Five Minutes Late
The biscuit factory smells particularly delicious this evening. That's all.

Well, that and the fact that we seem to have been given a NEW train. It's clean, the seats are fluffy, there is carpet on the walls, no disturbing stains lead to/from the WC. Add to this that it's FreshFacedConducter and all is set for a very pleasant journey home. EXCEPT I have overheard the news of the retirement of the OrganisedCommuter. No! This can't be! This is Worst CaseTrain Scenario #2. What will become of us now in the dark, cold winter evenings of cancellation ahead? Who will we look to to lead us, and galvanise our small, disparate band to action? We will be like The Fellowship following Gandalf's fall in Moria. Only less competent with swords and one of us is a Girl.

Who else will have the taxi firm's number programmed into their mobile?

While I consider the worst - a random selection:

Yes - McAlmont & Butler
My Old Raincoat - E
A Girl Like You - Edwyn Collins
Someday - The Strokes
Sticks and Stones - The Divine Comedy
The Space Race Is Over - Billy Bragg
My Descent Into Madness - Eels
Lydia - Dean Friedman

8.13 On Time
What a lovely crisp autumn morning it would be ... if it was autumn yet. Schools go back on the fourth & one day soon I will be slipping back into socks & shoes & it's all downhill from there.
Passing the house and trying to see how the garden is looking to the casual observer, but it's all a bit of a blur. Giving the impression of more soil than plants, and evidence of much digging, but I know we're making progress.

LineManager is on two weeks leave, so my quiet optimism may survive till the end of the day (or week? or fortnight? - Now I'm getting carried away).

Still feeling a hangover of Geekiness...

Sunshine Recorder - Boards of Canada
The Light 3000 - Schneider TM
Strange and Beautiful - Aqualung
El Caminos in the West - Grandaddy
As Serious As Your Life - Four Tet
Burning Flies - Looper
Surfing On A Rocket - Air
The National Anthem - Radiohead

Monday, August 30, 2004

...an amazing transformation happened

No trains, no tunes.

This weekend I have been mostly editing HTML

*pause for effect*

For one day only (oh yeah? this is heady, addictive stuff! I have the power - how can I stop now?) I have become GeekGirlonatrain. It's frightening how many hours can pass in the search for the perfect font size/colour. T (who has been teaching me all he knows, apparantly) says it appeals to my tidying up-loving nature. He could be right.

Oh. An herbacious border got planted too. So I have been outdoors.


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Even the Cat is on Steroids Now

I got handed, no, I demanded a questionnaire from a Man on the Station yesterday evening. He was from the Rail User's Consultative Committee (I think) but whatever - I couldn't wait to tell anyone who wanted to know exactly what I thought about the train service. Except that it wasn't about the train service really. It was more about the station's facilities. Or lack of facilities. Still, naturally, I have plenty of opinions to share about those too. With classic style they saved the best question till last: "In your opinion what facility would most improve the station?"

Ha ha! You fools! Don't you see you've played right into my hands? The only possible answer - "A Reliable Train Service".

And even the cat is on steroids now.

Friday, August 27, 2004

7.35 On Time
Music for the seriously fucked off please.


Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives
Burn Baby Burn - Ash
Novocaine For The Soul - Eels
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist - Muse
Come As You Are - Nirvana
Wow - Snow Patrol
Born Slippy - Underworld

Well, that seems to be working.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

17.17 Five Minutes Late
Maybe it's not so odd that one of the LovelyMembers of my PerfectTeam isn't 100% certain whether Unicorns have ever existed or not. After all, according to the BBC Website today "Giants Fight Over Rooney".

(To clarify: Unicorns are flightless and the Komodo Dragon isn't a real dragon)

(oh, and I'm NOT grumpy. A little dopey perhaps...)

Footsteps Fall - Eddi Reader
Out Of Time - Blur
Wasted And Ready - Ben Kweller
Waltz #2 - Elliott Smith
Human Remains - Tom McRae
To Sir With Love - Natalie Merchant & Michael Stipe
Miracle - Josh Rouse
Thoughts Of A Dying Athiest - Muse

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Me & My Big Mouth

17.17 20 Minutes Late
And last night the 17.17 was 20 minutes late too. Ho Hum. That'll teach me.
Currently: Pondering the wisdom of telling LineManager that I am treading water, stagnating, marking time and quite happy with it during my Personal Development Appraisal; Contemplating the glorious Amir Khan Boy Boxer; Hoping that UncorrectedPersonalityTraitColleague gets his mini iPod sorted out before we all suffer for it: Wondering why the West Wing has become so bleak and at what point did Leo become evil?

Not in the mood for making decisions - time for the random button again...

No Dancing - Elvis Costello
Boy's Don't Cry - The Cure
Think Again - Billy Bragg
Lollobrigida - Cinerama
In Between Days - Ben Folds
High Speed - Coldplay
Beautiful Girl - Robyn Hitchcock
Santa Cruz - The Thrills
Remind Me - Royksopp

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

7.35 On Time
Anticipating a considerable amount of earlier starts over the next few weeks, as I attempt to accumulate a phenomenal amount of flexi time before my holiday. The fourteen hour flexi challenge begins today. Can I count on FNW's support in this bid? Will they carry on with their incredibly, amazingly reliable service provision? Am I tempting fate by even alluding to their recent huge improvements? Probably.

TicketSellingGuy told me about his holiday. He was camping in the Lakes last week. Till Wednesday night, when he woke up in a Lake, gave up the struggle & came home. Tents always seem such a free spirited & romantic idea. I hate tents.

Still seething from the result of the High Bar last night and feeling like this...

The Beatles & The Stones - House of Love
Enemies/Friends - Hope of the States
Girls & Boys - Good Charlotte
Olympian - Gene
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
Just The Way I'm Feeling - Feeder
American English - Idlewild
Pounding - Doves

Monday, August 23, 2004

8.13 On Time
It's Monday, it's raining. I want to stay at home and find more things to tidy up, not find myself back on the train again. Back at the desk again. Back in the Jug Agane.

Feeling ... melancholic but with an underlying (ill-founded?) optimism. Still wanting to give Paula a big hug.

Feeling ... the need for an extra good play list (but look away now, andre - it starts with The Carpenters)

Rainy Days & Mondays - The Carpenters
Hackensack - Fountains of Wayne
Forget About Tomorrow - Feeder
Gold Rush Brides - 10,000 Maniacs
Do What You Gotta Do - Four Tops
Lose Yourself - Eminem
Olympic Cyclist - Ballboy
Guess I'm Doing Fine - Beck
"Yeah" Is What We Had - Grandaddy
Banana Splits - The Dickies
Beat Surrender - The Jam

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Currently high as a kite due to a weekend of my most satisfying leisure activity of tidying up.
This included alphabetising the cassette shelf (why oh why can't we get rid of those redundant tapes?) and reclaiming a PC. TheYoungerBoy recently decided to invest in a PC of his very own, thus freeing up our 'shared' machine. It may be aged and creaking but it is (now) all mine. Add to this the exciting concept of broadband which is entering our lives and ... well, is there any wonder I'm all of a quiver? Incidentally, thanks to Leanne for the subtle lobbying and all at Badger Mansions for the input on wireless!

Also discovered my possible dream job - I need to be managing the tip. Imagine being in charge of those skips, imagine being able to supervise all that recycling ... If I was in charge the cardboard skip would never be closed.

About to crash at any moment, as listening to Paula going backwards in the Marathon ......

Friday, August 20, 2004

Spitting Games

Lets just say, if you happen to be heading off to V this weekend ... well, it looks like the nakedness option might be the only sensible option.

Good Luck. And don't miss Snow Patrol.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

Well, here I am at home again.

For the first time ever I had to leave work early on Tuesday due to feeling unwell. Back to the Docs; more steroids. It all seems a bit random. I like to be told "You will feel better in five days" not "Just keep taking these for as long as you think you need to...." How long? A week? A month?

And it's peeing down again. The street is like a river. The garden has a mini lake in it. Anybody got a spare Ark? On the up-side, I will be able to watch the badminton this afternoon.

Listening to: Radio 5 Live (until they start with the phone ins)

Monday, August 16, 2004

8.13 On Time
Following one of the worst nights sleep in memory I'm feeling grumpy and frumpy and out of sorts. My back aches. The stupid allergy has flared up again and I don't know why. The train is hot and damp, so everyone is steaming slightly. And it's Monday .
Still, never mind. There's a rainbow over Blackpool Tower (or over the pylons, depending on when you catch sight of it), a drink after work tonight and a pretty fine selection coming up ...
Way Over Yonder In The Minor Key - Billy Bragg & Natalie Merchant
Way To Fall - Starsailor
Bedshaped - Keane
Fugitive Motel - Elbow
Untouchable - Rialto
Vehicles & Animals - Athlete
Run - Snow Patrol
Mr E's Beautiful Blues - Eels

Friday, August 13, 2004

7.35 On Time
Yesterday was not too bad. It confirmed that sometimes the very act of leaving something in the file called "Waiting" is sufficient to resolve the problem. Or do I just happen to have a magic file? (It's not so much a 'file', more a plastic folder with a post it note stuck on)
It was good to be updated with the newest faux pas of colleagues. The number one lesson of telephone (ab)use can't be reinforced often enough - make absolutely sure you're disconnected before you start dishing it ... Oooops.
Apparantly SmellyColleague's return to work greeting to RecentlyBereavedColleague was "Had a nice weekend?" Reply: "Visited my husband's grave".
So, I really needn't have worried too much about my ham-fisted, fumbling attempts at expressing sympathy.
There's a big new sign on the biscuit factory: "The Home of the Rocky". Not quite a blue plaque, but impressive all the same.

Missing You - Loudon Wainwright III
Verdi Cries - 10,000 Maniacs
A Free Man In Paris - Joni Mitchell
California Stars - Wilco
Two Seconds - Laura Cantrell
I Would Change My Life - Nanci Griffiths
Down To The River - Alison Krauss
It's Too Late - Carole King


Thursday, August 12, 2004

10.11 Five Minutes Late
Mixed feelings about going back to work. I seem to have been off for ages and it's a bit like going back to school after the holidays. Will everyone have new friends and new in-jokes? Will my desk still be in the same place? Will I still have my lovely team, or, will they have been poached? (Hands off L).
How many people will be demanding to know why I haven't done whatever it was that I promised I would get done for them? It was nice being at home reading thrillers.
I'm searching for an uplifting selection, but I've got too many tunes. I can't get past the 'A's.
Hey, that was a Buzzard. I just saw a Buzzard sitting on a fence post!

"Yeah" Was What We Had - Grandaddy
'What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love & Understanding - Elvis Costello
Absent Friends - Divine Comedy
Airborne - Cinerama
Alison - Elvis Costello
All For Love ... - The Lilac Time
America - Simon & Garfunkel
Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones
Bedshaped - Keane


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

That'll teach me.
While I was busy re-engineering our core processes yesterday I put the currants in the raisin box.
It's some kind of mortal sin apparantly. Currants being the Devil's dried fruit, while raisins are food of the Gods. Or something like that. Sorry.
I will spend the rest of the day seperating them.


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

OK, I'm cheating.
I'm not on the train and I haven't been for the best part of a week so I shouldn't be doing this, should I? But hey, they're my rules & I can break 'em if I want.

I'm celebrating my (almost) recovery from having been poorly in a feeble & pathetically listless sort of way. I started celebrating this morning by practicing some stock rotation on the food cupboards. (Christmas Pudding on the menu for this evening T, in case you need to be mentally prepared. They do improve with age, right?) I've also washed all the tablecloths (all? tablecloths??) sprayed the cat and filed away six months worth of bank statements & utility bills.

Damn. This means I must be ready to go back to work. Just about. One more day? Please. I've still got more tablets to take.......

Soundtrack To A Life :
You Were Right - Badly Drawn Boy
Torino - Cinerama
Bedshaped - Keane
Yesterday - The Beatles

Thursday, August 05, 2004

You'll Never Walk Alone

15.16 Five Minutes Late
Not that it matters. I attended a funeral this afternoon. I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. I didn't know the dead person very well, but he was the husband of a colleague for whom I have a lot of affection and respect. She has a lot of integrity and never takes the easy way out. And she sometimes says the most outrageous things, especially about her husband. I don't understand how she must feel, I can't begin to imagine it and I don't want to start trying. The desire to want to make things better - somehow, is counteracted by the fear of making things worse.

For the record:
Keane - Hopes & Fears
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah


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